The Waters


The waters of the hot spring “Fonte Acqua Grazia” are classified as alkaline-sulphurous- salt bromine iodine- boric thermal waters, that have always been considered the most effective mineral waters.
They can be prescribed instead of drugs or as a support to medical and surgical therapy.

There are many activities that sulfur, iodine and bromine give these waters: mucus regulator, immunostimulant, eutrophic, plastic- protective. The sulfur improves the olfactory function and, favoring the production of energy, activates the cell metabolism. The presence of iodine and bromine gives these water an antiseptic and sedative property. The soodium chloride carries out a thinning and anti-oedematous action.

The Thermae, which exploit the valuable property of sulfur salsobromoiodic waters, are the best allies to prevent the onset of colds, because they help to increase the immune system, improving the resistance of the tissues, the decrease in the number of acute episodes and a lower aggravation of chronic diseases.

The benefits of these treatments are kept for a long time. It is better to perform two cycles of treatments per year, preferably in spring and autumn. In most cases are diseases which tend to become more acute under certain atmospheric conditions, such as humidity and temperature fluctuations. A specific course of treatment is effective in reducing or even eliminating, the assumption of anti-inflammatories, which in many cases treat only the symptoms and not the causes of the problem.

At the Hotel Terme Acqua Grazia Grazia it is possible to make the following treatments:


Through modern technologies, the water is reduced to tiny particles that (depending on their size) reaches the upper or the lower respiratory tract.

The results of these treatments lead, through a decongestant action of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract (nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs), a significant reduction in symptoms, an improvement of the lung function and the immune system, and a decrease of cough and a lower use of drugs.


They carry out a specific therapeutic or prophylactic action in cases of otitis media chronic catarrhal for tubal insufficiency and in the treatment of “deafness”, a typical consequence of a catarrhal inflammation of the middle ear.


These are spa treatments that reduce pain, improve blood circulation, increase muscle tone and the recovery of the joint function.
The mud-balneotherapy is indicated for the treatment of orthopedic and rheumatic diseases: localized or diffuse osteoarthritis, cervical arthritis, lumbar osteoarthritis, consequences of herniated disc, periarthritis, results of rheumatic polyarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, fibrositis. The sulfur present in the thermal waters has a benefic effect on the cartilage tissues of the joint cavities.


The alkaline-sulphuric- salt- bromine- iodine- boric thermal water promotes the loss of the more superficial skin strata and stimulates the production of a new soft, elastic and healthy stratum corneum. Balneotherapy is particularly suitable for certain skin diseases like eczema, atopic dermatitis, recurrent seborrhoeic dermatitis, psoriasis.


Whirlpools in thermal water enhances the sense of heaviness and swelling of the legs, above all for those suffering circulatory diseases, especially venous insufficiency.