Beauty Treatments

We propose different facial treatments according to the different types of skin:

Purifiant: specific facial treatment for impure skin tending to acne.

Couperouse: specific treatment for skin with a tendency to capillary fragility.

Moisturizing: a complete facial treatment that moisturizes and smoothes the skin tissue.

Noesis Anti-Age: a treatment that brings new energy to the skin making it younger and fresher for longer. The “anti-aging” substances in combination with the Piroche Cosmetiques methodology, make skin vital and firmer.

Expressions Natural Lifting Concept: specific treatment for the reduction of the first expression wrinkles.

Purifying Thermal Facial Treatment with Facial and Decollete Massage
Anti-age Thermal Facial Treatment with Facial and Decollete Massage
Cleansing Thermal Facial Treatment with Facial and Decollete Massage

Pressure therapy is a therapeutic massage that helps to counteract swellings and improve circulation through the activation of a pressure. Pressure therapy makes more efficient blood and lymphatic circulation, improving the aesthetic imperfections such as cellulite, fluid retention etc.. Pressure therapy is indicated for circulatory failure, lymphatic stasis and lymphedema, reactive dermal fibrosis and hard edema, post surgery, joint diseases and hypotonia. We recommend to combine a cycle of massages to enhance circulation and improve tissue oxygenation. Pressure therapy in fact usually gives an immediate well-being, reducing the tension and heaviness, giving a more supple skin and more fluid movements.

Thermal Whirlpool effectively combats insomnia, muscular and nervous tension, high blood pressure, arthritis, fatty deposits, fluid retention, rheumatism, allergies and skin diseases like psoriasis. Dissolves stress and purifies, it is a total immersion in thermal wellness.


The Turkish Bath has a temperature of 45 degrees and a humidity level of 90%. In the Turkish bath you deeply inhale water steam which moistens and cleans all respiratory tracts. The steam and high air humidity effect opens all the skin pores which helps detoxication and quickens the blood circulation. High humidity and warmth have a beneficial effect on skin and also ease tense.


Sauna has a temperature from 80 to 90 degrees and a humidity level of 15-25 %.
Sauna is a relaxation method and allows the toxic expulsions, it helps the immune defence system of breathing apparatus, stimulate blood circulation, improves metabolism, promotes cellular replacement.



The Emotional shower is a pulverized rain with a combination of aromas and colours for a stimulating, revitalizing and depurating action, with considerable advantage for breathing system and circulation.




Since ancient times, massage therapy was one of the methodologies used to relieve pain, because it has always been associated with the idea of well-being and pleasure. The “virtues” of massage are many: it is useful to relax, to find peace and tranquility after a hard day’s work and it also has the task of keeping the body healthy, regenerating tissues and correcting the function of internal organs. The massage has in fact a beneficial effect on the enhancement of the immune system, on the improving of blood circulation, on the elimination of dead cells and it allows the absorption of elements that nourish the skin, leaving it velvety.

It is also possible to have thermal manicure and pedicure, and wax.