Slimming Centre

Cellulitis, adiposity, fluid retention?? Come and visit us!! Thanks to our team of skilled beauticians you can try the latest in beauty and body treatments. Come and have a free check up to discover our slimming programmes or to know everything about the advanced facial and body treatments, cellulite treatments, draining thermal whirlpools, draining thermal muds, pressure therapy with thermal wraps, massages and Lymphodrainer offered by the Hotel Terme Acqua Grazia, one of the most advanced spas.

With our beauty services you can take care of your image and relax your mind.

At the Hotel Terme Acqua Grazia you can try the exclusive Lymphodrainer. The Lymphodrainer is a device with suction cups. Its use causes the acceleration of the movement of fluids stimulating metabolism. The cups are important for the stimulation of the lymphatic, muscular and bloody network. Through this technique you can help the body in eliminating impurities, increase circulation and drainage of liquids.